YOUR EDUCATIONAL CHOICES: Easy, Achievable, or Impossible!

With the new school year well underway, it is the perfect time for parents to reflect on their academic expectations for their child: to review the successes and/or challenges of the past year, and to set new goals and objectives. These reflections and related expectations for the new school year could be rated as easy, achievable, or impossible.

If you anticipate that the academic expectations might be too easy, then something has to change for your child, if they are to reach their highest potential.  This can be accomplished through early conferencing with the teachers at your child’s school, requesting program enhancement; or by providing extracurricular enrichment or tutoring.

If your child requires more than the traditional educational approach for this next year of study, or if you seek challenges beyond easy, consider what is realistically ‘achievable’ and investigate other educational alternatives in your community. In addition, do some research, as well as talk to your neighbours and friends for their input. Check out the various educational choices available to determine what is realistically feasible for your child, and which will enable him/her to have a successful and productive school year, that is both academically and socially rewarding.

Schools are not just places for children to spend time during the day. Rather, they are a child’s workplace, where they can experience meaningful work at their own level of challenge. Classroom activities should be reflective of the expectations and skills which must be developed to ensure success in future careers and in daily life.

It has been said that a school is a place with four walls and the future inside. What do you and your child see for the future? Some seemingly impossible dreams are very achievable once the journey is broken down into smaller steps; steps that should begin right now.

During these early days of the school year, proactively set expectations and goals with your child for this school year. Research studies confirm that when students have realistic goals for themselves, there is a direct co-relation to subsequent academic performance. When these goals are also in alignment with behaviours, success is within reach.

Don’t accept ‘easy’, as this is simply not good enough for either you or for your child. Insist on the ‘achievable’, and don’t hesitate to dream the ‘impossible’! You owe it to your child to set aside this time for reflection and discussion to ensure that he/she experiences the greatest success possible in his/her studies.

Linda Sweet M.S. Ed.

Founder and Director, Glenburnie School

Preschool to Grade 8

Providing a progressive and innovative private school education