Set Your Child Up for Academic Success

For a child, school-life is very much like their workplace; and for a child to achieve to their fullest potential, strong support at home is required.  With the final semester of school well underway, and the concepts taught being finalized and reviewed, the following suggestions can help to ensure success for your child:

1)     The body can be likened to an engine which needs proper fuel to function.  Sugar and/or additive-free foods are healthier choices, and support the body’s functions.  Increase the amounts of organic fruits and vegetables in snacks and in meals.  Substitute fruit juices for fruit drinks and soda pop.   Read food labels with your child to help him/her to understand the ingredients in each packaged item.  Consider including a daily vitamin supplement to balance nutritional needs.

2)     Before retiring for the evening, ensure that all school materials needed for the next day are packed and ready to transport back to school in the morning.

3)     For improved quality of sleep, restrict your child’s EMF exposure (electromagnetic fields) from television and computer screens, handheld devices, and computer games, two hours before bedtime.  These can interfere with a child’s ability to sleep soundly.

4)     End the day on a positive note and share some quality time together to review your child’s day.  This provides an excellent opportunity to provide guidance, support, strategies, and perspective and can put closure on any troubling issues.

5)     Schedule a conference with your child’s teacher to review goals and objectives from September, and if applicable, discuss strategies to address any current challenges.    Include your child in these discussions to encourage him/her to take ownership in meeting specific academic or social objectives, thus creating a higher degree of success.

When a child feels well prepared, loved, and supported in personal challenges, it effectively sets the stage for the child to approach each working day with an attitude of optimism, which ultimately will lead to future success.         (Published North Oakville Today April 19, 2012)

Linda Sweet  M.S. Ed.

Founder and Director, Glenburnie School

Providing a progressive, innovative private school education