Summer adventures and family fun do not require expensive vacations or exotic getaways for a memorable experience. The key to a fun-filled summer is in the planning.  Get out the kitchen calendar, gather the kids together, and plan a summer adventure for each weekend.

Ask your children what they have always wanted to do, and think about places you would like to visit.  Check the local newspapers for ideas of what is going on in your community.  Have each family member choose an event they would like to attend, such as a dog show, an unusual shop, a roller rink, or a farmer’s market.  Going for a hike in the local ravine and visiting an art gallery or a museum are all interesting options to explore.  Consider attending a theatre production or invite the neighbours over for a ‘championship croquet match’ in the backyard for silly prizes!

You could also plan a day trip or two.  There are countless small towns throughout Ontario, all within an hour or two’s driving distance from Oakville.  Why not explore a different town each weekend and visit the local antique shops, cafes, and recreational features?  Many local towns host summer festivals and tours which are often quite unique.

Take plenty of photographs, try different foods, rent a canoe, purchase a funny T-shirt, fly a kite, or just sit on a rock and watch the birds fly overhead at the water’s edge in a nearby park.  Make the plans and ‘Just do it’!

Many treasured family memories are made during summer vacations.  To preserve this special time, consider creating a scrapbook about your summer adventure that includes photos, brochures, keepsakes,  and have your children write little anecdotes of your family’s summer experience.  Years later, you and your children will enjoy leafing through these memory books and reliving the fun and laughter.

It is not difficult to make the ordinary extraordinary!  The magic lies in one’s willingness to put oneself out there to make something happen!  Just do it!

Linda Sweet  M.S. Ed.
Founder and Director, Glenburnie School
Pre-School to Grade 8
Providing a progressive and innovative private school education.