When considering an alternative school for your child, one of the most effective ways to narrow down the wide range of options available is to reflect on what your core educational values are, and to list the academic and social objectives you have for the perfect educational experience. This list will provide you with a solid framework to refer to as you evaluate and explore other school choices. Your values might include a caring, nurturing environment, high academic standards, strong emphasis on sports, innovative arts or technology program, or perhaps your key value might be a strong sense of community. Whatever your personal values are, these must be determined prior to beginning your search. At the same time, it is important to keep an open mind, as your next steps might present educational values which you hadn’t considered. These might include individualized learning, differing school visions, neuroscience applications for effective learning environments, and unique courses such as Economics Education and Emotional Intelligence, to name a few. You might also be surprised to learn that your key educational values, based on your own school experiences, may now be out of date, or should be expanded upon when compared with educational expectations and outcomes now required in today’s fast paced, highly technical world. You may even decide to continue on in your current school if the specific support your child needs in order to thrive is available. For some students, sometimes a change to a different school culture, or a new beginning is warranted. When parents have a clear set of educational expectations and outcomes they desire for their child, it is much easier to effectively evaluate the educational programs your child is currently, or should be, receiving. We welcome parents to visit Glenburnie School’s website:, or to schedule a personal tour to learn more about the core educational values we believe are fundamental to a well-rounded and effective education for your child. Our passion is to empower our students with an exceptional education, which includes well developed and effective analytical and leadership skills, to enable them to confidently take their place as creative problem solvers and global citizens in today’s 21st Century world. Linda Sweet M.S. Ed. Founder and Director, Glenburnie School Pre-School to Grade 8 Providing a progressive and innovative private school education