Components to Success in a Classroom

Education should be all about children!  Well-trained educators, who go that extra mile, can make all the difference in how success is experienced in the classroom.  Lessons need to be adjusted to suit individual learning styles.  Excitement and enthusiasm are generated when students experience the opportunity for ownership, influence and choice in their studies, and particularly when follow-up activities are relevant and meaningful.

Neuroscience research confirms that students thrive in a supportive yet challenging learning environment where risk-taking in thinking and creative endeavours push back the knowledge boundaries, sparking ‘out of the box’ ideas and results.

Our youth require leadership development, effective analytical and problem solving skills, and the confidence to effectively meet the challenges ahead.

From the shy, quiet student, to the most outgoing, today’s students, individually and collectively, will have a powerful impact on improving their world and the lives of others.  As parents and educators, we must ensure that these students, who hold the key to our future, receive the very best, forward thinking education in economics, leadership, emotional intelligence, energy literacy, and environmental management.

When children spend their time in a nurturing, “yes you can” environment, where the learning experiences are challenging yet fun, and individual successes are recognized and celebrated, students flourish with each new challenge.   Amazing things can happen!

Linda Sweet  M.S. Ed.

Founder and Director, Glenburnie School

Pre-School to Grade 8

Providing a progressive and innovative private school education