A ROCK, A TREE, OR A STAR How does one cope, whether a student or a parent, with the disappointment of not being chosen for an ‘ideal’ try-out placement? How does one trust that the instructor made a fair and unbiased choice? The success for an individual in these particular situations is in learning how to deal with disappointment, self-esteem issues, the resulting emotions and the opportunity within the disappointment! School concert times are upon us again, and casting decisions become the hot focus of discussion both in and outside of school. Reactions by students…

Achieve School Success by Balancing Work and Play

Achieve School Success by Balancing Work and Play It seems that some parents have forgotten how to play! Play can be acting silly, risk taking within a game, enjoying another’s company, and simply laughing and enjoying the moment. Observe young children at play and notice how they can create new worlds with only their imagination.

Excellence is Not Accidental: It’s a Habit!

How can parents and educators lead children to understand and aspire to a level of excellence when there are fewer and fewer role models demonstrating this attitude and commitment? Steve Jobs once said, “Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”